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Everything completely sold more modules available!
­ Thank you!


EasyRoof will be available again on a c­ommercial basis in December 2010. Please contact Mr. Ralf Nickolaus

EasyRoof is sold out !I can NOT accept any more orders, except for the naked PCB only.

The English and Dutch versions of the "EasyRoof installation guide & user manual" are available. Many thanks to the translator Axel van der Mehr Moor !

Today I shipped the first EasyRoof mods. Hope to find time to translate the german pages, soon. I have to ask for patience again, sorry.

I'm suffering from a cold, please be patient for updates.

Preliminary test of 'EasyRoof lite' (mod without remote funkction) successful :-).

First series of 59 EasyRoof-Modules sold out after only 24 hours. Pre orders are still being accepted.


Reservation list is
online. 22.01.2007
Easyroof software ist working on my Desktop. In car test delayed, due to weather.

Plastic enclosure for EasyRoof, successfully edited o­n CNC machine.

First assembly of the new EasyRoof pcb. It works ! :-) To be continued with first in car tests, as soon as the weather will allow to do it.


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WELCOME > Projects > EasyRoof SLK R170

EasyRoof SLK R170

is a comfortable retractable hardtop automation module for the SLK type R170.

The EasyRoofSLK V1.00 retractable hardtop automation module is only for the Mercedes SLK R170 model year 10/1996 up to. 04/2004 and includes the follwing features.

Features EasyRoof „lite“

(all types of locking sytems)
  • Automated hardtop operation; lowering & raising by a single touch of the hardtop-switch

  • Operation during driving up to a maximum speed of 80km/h.

  • Operation speed limiter can be freely programmed between 8- and 80 km/h by lifting the hardtop switch 3 times within 2 seconds during driving. Current speed will then be new speed limit.

  • In case of exceeding the speed limit setting during the hardtop operation, operation will be paused until driving speed level returns within the programmed setting.

  • Free programmable settings for the behavior of the side windows;
    This can be achieved by pressing the hardtop switch 3 times within 2 seconds – each time this is done, one of the 4 presets cab be selected (Lowered hardtop: windows down or up; Raised hardtop: windows down or up)

  • All settings will be stored and resident in the memory, even after the battery has been disconnected.

Features EasyRoof „noChirp“

(only radio frequency locking sytems, no infrared)
  • All features of “EasyRoof “Lite”, and additional:

  • The hardtop can be operated in ignition position 1.

  • Operation through original key remote (Lower: press 3 times “LOCK”- button; raise: press 2 times “UNLOCK” - button)

  • To stop the lowering- or raising progress, just press the last used button once again (cleaning position)

  • Automatic central locking of the door locks after finalized hardtop lowering.

  • Every operation will be finalized once executed, regardless whether the engine is switched of during the operation, or regardless the position of the ignition.

Features EasyRoof (Full Version)

(only radio frequency locking sytems, no infrared)
  • All features of the “noChirp” version, and additional:

  • Conformation by sound on unlocking (1x signal) and locking (2x signal) the car, if operated through the original key remote.

  • Optional alarm function on opening of the doors during locked status (on request)