On this site the whole world is turning around hardtop automation modules for the Mercedes-Benz SLK of the years 1996 to 04/2004 (R170).

I have stopped producing EasyRoof on a private basis. EasyRoof is distributed via RN E-Tech on a commercial basis.

Please contact Mr. Ralf Nickolaus at easyroof@westslk.de  .

I have been the owner and driver of a Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 K (1997-2002) and a SLK 320 (since 2002) for a couple of years now, as well as I am an enthousiastic graduated electronics engineer. Since 1999, I ever wanted to do some "Hardtop-Tuning" for these types of cars, but for several reasons, I only managed to do it in 2006, shortly after my 37th birthday. Right now, many other manufacturers already offer tuning kits for the hardtop, but I still wanted to do it for myself.

Though I am an engineer, everthing I do concerning this site is on a totally private basis. I am not a commercial seller of these products, but I will offer complete modules, pcb's or parts to anybody asking for them, just for return on my investment....no greed included.

To prove this, I allow everybody to use the technical information, circuit diagrams, layouts and source codes freely, as long as it fits private needs only. Any commercial use of the know how on these pages, without my personal permit, is strictly prohibited. Please read the disclaimer and copyrigth informations in the "About me" area .

SimpleRoof EasyRoof

Enjoy assembling the mods and driving your SLK !

(P.S. Please excuse any mistakes, because english is not my native language)